Unrivalled Quality

For most of the first three centuries of its existence Firmin’s products were only available to large institutions. With the acquisition of E C Snaith in 2004 that changed. For the first time the high-quality products of Firmin’s Birmingham factory and Kashket’s London factory were available to the general public. 

Selling direct online from our warehouse and offices in Berkswell, Warwickshire, as well as to the trade we can offer a wide range of uniforms, accoutrements, accessories and medals. 

Our two factories with over 70 skilled master technicians and tailors employed in the United Kingdom

Our knowledgeable and experienced staff bring the same care and service to our individual customers as Firmin and Kashket do to royalty and institutions. Unlike many direct internet based companies, our staff have been directly instrumental and engaged in the manufacture of the majority of the products they supply, so are able to bring an intimate understanding of every aspect of the product they sell, able to advise on every aspect of purchase from the correct cap badge to working with our sister companies to design, develop and manufacture entirely new products.