Hello! And welcome to the new Firmin House website! It’s been four months now since we went live with this newer, flashier page for our companies. Since then we’ve been delighted with the amount of feedback we’ve received and although it has been mostly positive we have taken on board your feedback and made a few tweaks here and there and plan for quite a few more. 

The first thing people asked for was this news page. A place for us to update you on the things we’re doing here at Firmin House and across the group and provide a bit more detail on the things we do that make your products.

We’ve also had a number of people ask specifically about our swords, and how they can order them. We do take private orders for swords, but we realise that in the past we’ve been a bit hard to find. So we are now developing an expanded sword portal to add to our website and a dedicated page for cadets at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, Britannia Royal Navy College, and RAF Cranwell to make the process as easy as possible for our customers. Expect to see that appear in the next few months.

We’ve also got a number of special stories planned for this news page: A tour of our armoury with our master armourers, Martin and John. A dive into what may be one of the UK’s last working rope hammers where we stamp our buttons and why sometimes the old ways are best. And our tailors explaining the devilish details distinguishing “made to measure” from “bespoke” suits.

We’ve also listened to those who’ve asked why we don’t have more of a presence on social media. Being more than three and a half centuries old we sometimes look a bit askance at the latest novelty. But we do understand that you want ways to keep in touch with us so look out for our Twitter and Facebook pages launching soon.