Ceremonial to Combat

Firmin & Sons and Kashket & Partners are proud to offer their services to Armed Forces around the Globe. As a Group we continue to successfully manage International Contract, Domestic Contract awarded from Royal Households, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Interior and private institutions. Contract that covers Head to Toe Uniforms, Accessories and Insignia. We are also able to offer a wide range of services that include (but not limited to) Military Hardware and Support Service.

Also, as part of our drive to offer a comprehensive and integrated clothing solution with garments and insignia working in partnership with each other, we are proud to announce the latest member of the Group “Kashket Tactical Group” or KTG.  KTG bridges C-2-C (Ceremonial to Combat) requirements with a full suite of lightweight covert and overt body armour, comprising industry leading lightweight aramid and ceramic armour. KTG further specialise in “floatation” armour for maritime interdiction and a full suite of options with regard load carriage soldier system solutions.

Firmin House is the undisputed centre of excellence when it comes to State and Ceremonial Uniform. The Group manufactures many iconic products that draws global recognition as being British. This is what the visiting tourist to London comes to see. The splash of colour and the sparkle of polished metal add the finest touches leaving a memory of a visit to London.

Firmin House is the only remaining comprehensive ceremonial design, manufacture and supply house in UK. The Group operates from two factories, one in London and one in Birmingham.

Firmin House have focussed on a multi layered approach to meeting the customers needs. The Group maintains and invests in the practicalities of design, development and product realisation. We employ over a hundred specialist craftsmen from armourers, tailors and hatters, to toolmakers, die sinkers and electroplate engineers. These highly skilled people compliment the skills of our design team to create extraordinary results.

Firmin House products are instantly recognisable. We also have a long standing design, development and supply relationship overseas, currently supplying many other Royal Households and more than 50 national government departments. The group currently services contracts for the manufacture and supply of dress uniforms, badges, buttons and ceremonial accoutrements for the UK Ministry of Defence.

Firmin & Sons

Established in 1655, Firmin is the now the oldest manufacturer in the United Kingdom. Specialists in the design, development, manufacture and supply of uniform head to toe solutions. Their products are seen around the world. Most famously on Horse Guards Parade each year worn by the soldiers in the Queen’s Birthday Parade of “Trooping the Colour.”

Firmin are honoured to hold Royal Warrants of Appointment from Her Majesty the Queen and His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh as manufacturers of “Insignia, Buttons and Accessories and suppliers of Ribbon.” Firmin have held a Royal Warrant of Appointment from every successive monarch since King George II.

The finishing touch of a button changes the garment from clothing to ceremonial. The attention to detail in a piece of insignia can incorporate the centuries of history of an organisation creating a sense of continuity, tradition and pride for the wearer.

It is not enough for a defence force to be efficient: it must also look efficient to command respect by its presence.

Ceremonial Helmets, Breastplates, Badges, Buttons, Accoutrements, Swords, Medals and Awards, Uniforms and Accessories are all part of the service and long-established story of Firmin & Sons.

Using their experience in producing fine detailed accoutrements, Firmin use these skills to produce corporate buttons and cufflinks for many organisations.

As one of the longest established medallists we produce finely detailed medals for academic institutions, learned societies, sporting bodies in addition to those for a State, or the military. Based in Birmingham on the edge of the famous Jewellery Quarter, Firmin are part of the Kashket Group of Companies, taking tradition into the future.

Kashket & Partners

A family owned specialist tailoring company, Kashket & Partners have been making military clothing since the first half of the 20thCentury. 

The gold coats of the State Trumpeters, the uniforms of the Life Guards and the Blues and Royals of the Household Cavalry, the uniforms of the Foot Guards at the Royal Palaces and the Gunners firing the royal gun salutes are all meticulously hand made by the specialist tailors at the Kashket premises in London, UK.

In addition to ceremonial and parade uniforms for the United Kingdom, Kashket provide this service for other nations around the world who see the attention to detail and levels of service provided and wish to have the same.

The uniforms on parade at Trooping the Colour, the State Opening of Parliament and many other State and Royal occasions have been manufactured by Kashket. Great Coats, Cloaks, Tunics, Trousers and Breeches all with regimental, detail differences that have been won in battle and have come down through the ages are reproduced with care and pride.

It may be one uniform for a general or one hundred uniforms for a company, each is produced with the individual who will wear the uniform at the heart of everything we do.

Kashket also provide the services of tailor in residence at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, becoming the tailor of choice throughout the career of many serving regular and reserve officers.

Kashket Tactical Group – KTG

The latest member of the Group – Ceremonial to Combat (C-2-C)

Specialising in covert and overt body armour, lightweight aramid and ceramic solutions, KTG further specialise in armour for maritime interdiction.

KTG are pleased to be able to offer a full suite of world-leading solutions to Armed Forces throughout the World. This capability has been forged over many years of trials and development, manufacturing and sales initiatives throughout the world.

All of the work conducted has been supported by valued team members with first-hand experience (and served with) Special Forces (worldwide), providing Military, Urban, Forest & woods, Anti-terrorist, Desert and Jungle training, design, trial development, and equipment introduction.

Our Group capability has led us to a provide a range of products that are regarded as “second to none” across the worlds armed forces, for kit and equipment. 

All of the systems offered have been developed to provide the irreducible minimum, load bearing, wearers thermal burden with fit form and functionality qualities, considered.

Our range is comprehensive and supported by test certificates from “The United Kingdom Defence Science and Technology Laboratory” (Dstl) and SGS UK Ltd (world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company).

 We are extremely confident that we can offer a suitable and superior product to meet the ever-changing environment of today’s military commitments.     

E C Snaith & Son

E C Snaith & Son was originally established in 1947 as a Royal Air Force Tailor, a service we still provide at the Royal Air Force College, Cranwell.

E C Snaith has become the leading specialist on-line wholesaler and retailer of all forms of uniform accessories and insignia. They supply to many smaller clothing businesses, regimental institutions and museums, cadet and voluntary organisations across the United Kingdom and Overseas.

Their extensive range includes but is by no means limited to headwear, rank markings, uniform badges of all types, buttons, shirts and ties, medals and ribbons, uniform accessories and clothing.

They are also present at several other military establishments also referring some enquiries to the other companies within the Kashket Group.