Kashket Tactical Group designs and manufactures load carriages and ballistic protective systems for the military, security services and individuals. Whether the requirement is for a full tactical system to equip a special forces task force operating in a hostile environment, or a covert ballistic event for an individual, KTG can offer the perfect, customised, solution. 

All our hard armour plates (HAP) and soft armour packs (SAP) are made in-house and we are able to offer protection solutions that have been developed from a range of specialist fabrics and materials able to be applied to vehicles and structures or constructed into bespoke garments to meet the threat and need of the client. 

When a user puts on one of our body armour systems they are potentially putting their lives in our hands. This is a duty we treat extremely seriously. All our products are intensively tested internally, but also certified by an external partner to ensure customer peace of mind and to ensure that they can meet the required threat – from knives to high calibre rifles. 

We have supplied many different clients, from special forces, to police, to bank security, to individuals and with all of them we have been able to provide a solution precisely matched to their needs. 

Drawing on Kashket & Partners tailoring principles of delivering the best products by knowing the customer’s every need and extend it to personal protection. With the option of intensive trial and biometric studies our product development process focuses on each customer’s requirements. Once a full situational analysis has been agreed KTG develop the optimal ballistic solution and carrier design. KTG understand that our protective systems are there to enhance, not constrict, and have been researched and designed to put the minimum physical and thermal burden on the user. With our WRAITH system we have further taken tailoring skills and applied them to protective design to develop a solution that sits discreetly beneath outer wear to provide an almost undetectable level of protection. 

KTG is even able to offer floatation armour, designed and developed in partnership with special forces all over the world, to provide full positive buoyancy systems with ceramic options specially designed for counter insurgency warfare (CIW) operations in jungle environments. 

From the world stage to the battlefield, from the artic to the jungle, to protect against knives or against sniper fire, Kashket Tactical Group will offer solutions for your individual environment and threat level.