For centuries Firmin House has supplied armed forces with ceremonial, parade and combat dress. Now supplying over 34 countries in all parts of the world, we can outfit forces with the finest ceremonial uniforms, to uphold their traditions and history, or mission-critical solutions for the modern battlefield. All designed and tested to keep soldiers comfortable and alert in their specific operational environment.

Many of our customers demand a level of discretion and security. At Firmin House we take this need for professional confidentiality seriously, strictly limiting privileged information to only those who need to know. 

With ever increasing pressure on budgets, you need to ensure you’re getting the most you can from the money you spend. At Firmin House we are happy to assist with this ensuring that you meet you budget with the minimum possible compromise on quality and performance. 

We are able to support a product range for our clients for the program duration whether this is simply fulfilling an immediate need or an ongoing supply and development contract over many years.For body armour, protective equipment and advanced technical solutions please see Kashket Tactical Group (KTG).