Firmin House is proud to call ourselves specialists in everything we do, and we delight in working with our customers to improve their products. 

Our specialist team can compile technical data packs to provide full detailed product specifications. We are able to provide full biometric studies taking body measurements of individuals and applying them to a sizing range unique to the customer’s requirements. All this data is captured and integrated with our full design and development work in order to achieve the ultimate service package. 

In tailoring we can add the smallest individual touches to a uniform. To address his concern that the ring might fall out when he waved to the crowds on the day of his brother’s wedding, we added a special Velcro-sealed cuff pocket to Prince Harry’s uniform to hold the Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding ring. 

In metalwork we continually work to improve and update often centuries-old designs. We worked with London District to create a removable, washable liner for the Household Cavalry, greatly improving the troopers’ comfort and making the first update to the specification since the reign of Queen Victoria. 

Kashket Tactical Group meanwhile has designed and extensively tested a negatively buoyant anti-ballistic hard armour plate, to allow a customer to be fully protected in anti-insurgency operations in jungle environments. Working closely with research laboratories and testing houses we were able to develop ceramic plates that did not trade flexibility for protection.

Whether the need is for a single personal detail of clothing or a vital operational necessity all our staff stand ready to advise, guide and turn your requirements and preferences into a reality.