Every part of the Kashket Group is able to give customers complete solutions, with every process done in-house to preserve intellectual property and exacting quality. 

In Birmingham we retain capability for design, die sinking and tool making, as well as every stage of manufacture. Our skilled staff can bring decades of experience to bear, working with you to ensure that you have a solution precisely matched to your needs. In London our tailors have a similar wealth of experience and ability to ensure the perfect uniform or suit.  

To meet the literally vital requirements of our tactical and security customers Kashket Tactical Group work closely with the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory and Helston Forensics Labs to thoroughly test all our equipment and continually develop new solutions to the evolving operational environment. 

Whether the requirement is for an exact match to a demanding specification or to develop a uniform from scratch, informed by our centuries of experience, our team of experts will work with you every step of the way to produce a world-beating product.