Every modern corporate company needs to be clearly identified and it is a vital part of any emergency service. Our embossed badges help you stand out from the crowd and command respect.

Your design can be embossed in 2d or 3d relief to represent your professional image in a modern, functional way. Any shape of badge can be accommodated, and your design embossed in 2d or 3d relief. The indented border produces a professional finish that also serves a useful sewing guide.

The detailed embossing in up to 8 colours per badge on one of 50 available high-visibility or reflective ground fabrics allows your design to be clear and visible at a distance.

Our badges are extremely durable, UV resistant, non-absorbent, and easy to care for machine washable up to 60°C. Tried and tested by over a decade of use in inhospitable environments our embossed badges, like everything we do, have stood the test of time.

A high level of embossed detail can produce outstanding results