Firmin House has supplied military uniform accoutrements to the British Army and Royal Household for the reign of fourteen monarchs, since the reign of Charles II (r. 1649 – 1685). Over the centuries we have supplied armed forces on almost every continent, and from Waterloo to Gettysburg to Afghanistan been present at many pivotal moments of world history. We are proud to carry on this tradition. 

We can supply almost everything an armed force might need – aiguillettes, sam browne belts, sashes, sporrans, spurs, musical instruments, drum majors’ batons and swagger sticks. Whether the need is for cord or fabric, brass, precious metal, or the latest modern fabrics you can rest assured that Firmin House will have a knowledge of the product and its requirements second to none.

Between Kashket & Partners workroom in London and Firmin & Sons factory in Birmingham we can make almost everything we sell in house, and where we feel the need to draw on specialists from outside our company we can draw upon decades-long relationships with trusted partners.For load carriages and ballistic protection for modern security services and armed forces please see Kashket Tactical Group