Proud as we are of our UK manufacture, Firmin House does not let that pride blind us to the expertise and skill available throughout the world. We work with our customers to leverage our expertise in making their products for competitive budget for no loss of quality.

International markets are filled with challenges: the requirement of economic efficiency, the difficulty of ensuring standards at a distance, long delivery times by sea or expensive one by air. To say nothing of the language and cultural barriers that must be navigated. 

Firmin House have built their international relationships over many years. Regular communication, frequent site visits, and uncompromising quality control ensure that our suppliers can be trusted to deliver on time and to the highest standards, producing products that complement our range on which we can be proud to put our name.All this gives us immense flexibility – able to work with our customers to get the most from their budget and find the right sources for their products, whether in-house, with fellow UK manufacturers, or abroad as necessary. Where possible and practical this reduces costs and increases capacity whilst our effective management ensures no loss of quality.